One word can best describe best describes last weeks weather, cold. Temperatures averaged 36.7 degrees and that was a huge 10.8 degrees colder than normal. The very early winter storm deposited 4 inches of snow at the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca. While we officially received 8 inches of snow in Faribault and set a record it was not a record in Waseca. It was on October 1, 1999 there was a 4inch snow in Waseca.

With temperatures in the mid-30's corn dried very little last week. We are very lucky though, because of all the warm weather this fall we do not need the corn to dry down anymore in the field. I am hearing that the corn that is left to harvest is under 20 percent moisture. In fact much of the corn that was harvested before the snowstorm last weekend was in the 14 to 15 percent moisture range! It sure is nice to combine the corn and put it right into the bin without using a lot of propane to dry it!

There is still a lot of tillage to get done and fertilizer to apply plus of course finish the corn. So, warmer sunshine sure would be nice!

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