Cool then warm and dry pretty well describes last weeks weather. The cool weather from the previous week extended into the first part of this week. Then temperatures returned to normal later in the week. For the week temperatures still averaged 5.9 degrees below normal. Growing degree units totaled only 59 which was 38 percent below normal. Since May 1 we have accumulated 2422.5 growing degree units. After two weeks of cool weather growing degree units are still 2 percent above normal.

Rainfall totaled only .44 inches and that was .41 inches less than normal. This was the first time in 6 weeks that rainfall was less than normal. The last couple weeks corn progressed very little toward maturity. At the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca most corn fields are one half to three quarters milk line. Most soybean fields are yellowing and some shorter season beans that were planted early are just a few days from harvest. The other beans are not too far behind!

Lets hope Mother Nature gives us great weather for harvest too. In our local area for the most part it has been a very good growing season!

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