The hot weather returned to Minnesota last week. There were about 10 days early in July that were really hot and since then we have had really comfortable temperatures. That is until last week! Temperatures averaged 75.4 degrees and that was 6.3 degrees above normal. At the Southern Research and Outreach Center 1.12 inches of rain fell which was only .07 inches above normal.

Growing degree units totaled 173.5 which was a huge 34 percent above normal. Since May 1, we have accumulated 2169.5 growing degree units. With the warm (hot) temperatures this week we could see many corn hybrids that were planted in April reaching maturity or black layer very soon. The corn. that was planted around April 20 picked up around 50 to 70 growing degree units before the growing season "officially" begins on May 1.

The soybeans are really moving along too as some early maturities planted the first few days of May are beginning to turn yellow. Maybe we will have an early fall with cooperative weather which did not occur the last couple falls?

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