The calander may have said it was officially fall, but the first few days of the fall harvest season were more like summer. Temperatures last week averaged 59.4 degrees which was .3 degrees warmer than normal. Growing degree units totaled 81 and that was 24 percent more than normal. Since May 1 we have accumulated 2503.5 growing degree units and that is 3 percent above normal. The normal growing degree units for the season is 2490. There is no cold weather in the forecast so we will continue to add to the season accumulation!

No rainfall was recorded last week and normally we would receive .85 inches. The warm sunshine was ideal for drying down the soybeans. The early season soybeans were ready for harvest and a few farmers got started. I have been hearing about very good soybean yields so far. Let's hope the trend continues! Much of the corn has reached black layer or physiological maturity.

Soybean harvest will be on hold for a little while with the rain this morning. Most of the rain was not too heavy but I did hear of 2.2 inches south of Kenyon.

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