Very warm and wet best describes last weeks weather. Temperatures averaged 73.6 degrees and that was 2.1 degrees above normal. Growing degree units totaled 165 which was 18 percent above normal. The grand total since May 1 is now 964.5 growing degree units. That is 8 percent above normal for the growing season.

Rainfall at the Southern Research and Outreach Center totaled 2.55 inches and that was 1.45 inches above normal. However, summer thunderstorms do not distribute rainfall evenly. Many areas in southern Minnesota received 4 to 6 inches of rain. The highest rain gauge report I received was from Linda by New Trier at 7,5 inches!

With the warm temperatures and plenty of moisture it was a very good week for corn and soybean development. Corn grew 24 inches and some is now 6 feet tall. We may even see some early planted corn tasseling by the 4th of July! Soybeans have reached R 2 or full flower so most herbicide applications should finished now.

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