After the frost a couple weeks ago we had been hoping for warm weather. It finally arrived last week! Temperatures averaged 65.5 degrees and that was 4.1 degrees above normal. Growing degree units were 30 percent above normal as we accumulated 109.5. Our grand total since May 1 is 250 growing degree units. Plus, a lot of the corn was planted the last week of April. So, much of the corn picked up another 40 or 50 growing degree units before the official start of growing season on May 1.

It was a wet week as we received 1.59 inches of rain at the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca. That was .7 inches above normal. The forecast for the next week looks dry and that is exactly what we need. With the warm and wet conditions the weeds are really growing too. Corn and soybean fields that did not get a pre-emergence herbicide application need attention very soon!

Much of the corn is now in the V3 or 3 leaf collars showing. Early planted soybeans have one open trifoliolate leaf. Even the later planted been are now emerging. It is amazing what a little rain and warm weather will do for crop development early in the season!


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