Warm and dry really describes last week's weather. That was nearly perfect weather for farmers to finish planting corn and get most of the beans planted too. That also allowed farmers to get pre-emergence herbicides applied. Temperatures averaged 55 degrees which was .9 degrees above normal. Rainfall totaled .07 inches and that was .8 inches below normal.

Growing degree units last week totaled 56.5 which was 20 percent above normal. They begin counting growing degree units for the growing season on May 1. Most of the corn was planted before that date and was accumulating growing degree units. There was a lot of corn planted around April 20, 2020. That means it accumulated 75 growing degree units before May 1. It takes around 120 growing degree units for corn to emerge. Right on schedule I have seen many fields that the corn is emerging.

Looking at the cold forecast now I wish I had waited a few days before I planted the corn? It looks like it will get frozen this weekend and early next week! However, it should grow right back because the growing point is still under the soil surface. Plus, we have seen many times corn leaves getting frozen in the early spring. After a few warm days it has completely recovered.


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