It does not happen very often that a farmer does not complain about the weather! This spring so far I don't think you could find a farmer that would complain about the weather.  Maybe Mother Nature is paying us back for how miserable the weather was the last 2 years? The common theme is that soil conditions were ideal for getting good seed to soil contact.

After the snow on Easter and the really cold temperatures it was nice to see warm temperatures this week. Soil temperatures at the 2 inch depth averaged 55 degrees and that was 2 degrees above normal. Air temperatures averaged 55.6 degrees and that was 4.5 degrees above normal. Rainfall was .79 inches which was just .03 inches less than normal.

Small grains have emerged and for the most part look very good. It appears most farmers have the corn planted or will finish very soon. Plus a lot of beans have been planted too. It does not happen very often that the corn is planted and a lot of beans by May 1.

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