Each week I read the weekly weather and crop update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca. The previous week we were all hoping for rain after the hot and dry conditions and we got it. Rainfall last week totaled 2.18 inches almost twice the normal amount. The rain replenished the top soil and will help the crops continue to develop. It was very warm last week as air temperatures averaged 77.3 degrees which is 9.3 degrees above normal.

It was very warm last week so we accumulated 40 percent more Growing Degree Units than normal at 144. Our year to date total is now 630.5. Last year at this time we had accumulated 633.5 Growing Degree Units. Even through we had stretches of very cold weather, we have seen much warmer than normal weather too.   Last year we saw an early spring with perfect weather. It is hard to believe that Growing Degree Units this year are about the same as last year!

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