Cool but dry pretty well describes last weeks weather after the snow storm on Easter Sunday. We maybe were fortunate that we did not receive 10 or 15 inches of snow. Even though it was cool the snow melted and the fields shaped up in about a week. Temperatures last week averaged 38.5 degrees which was 9.5 degrees below normal. Rainfall totaled .1 inches and that was .73 inches below normal.

It was so nice to see a lot of tractors in the fields over the weekend. There were a few scattered showers that forced farmers to quite for a few hours if their farms received the rain. This year so far is much different than the last couple years. Then if you got a rain  shower it was an inch or two and sometimes more. This year it was  a few tenths! I know it is unusual that a farmers is not complaining about the weather but even with the snow on Easter it has been pretty nice so far!

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