The pattern of wet and cool weather returned last week. It sure was nice though, to get a couple weeks in a row of warmer and dryer weather. Temperatures last week averaged 50.9 degrees which was just 1.5 degrees below normal. Growing degree units totaled 32. Since May 1 we have now accumulated 2510.5. That is 1 percent more than our season average of 2490. Those couple warm weeks in September were very beneficial in moving the corn and soybeans toward maturity. We sure caught a break there!

Heavy rain moved through southern Minnesota last week with around 2.5 inches of rain fell. That left ponding in many fields. However, after three warm sunny days in a row many farmers were able to begin harvesting beans. However, the combines had to go around and leave those wet areas with standing water. We have already received 4.41 inches of rain in October. That is 1.7 inches more than we normally get in the entire month! Hopefully soon we will go to the other extreem of warmer and dryer than normal, until Thanksgiving!



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