It was the second week in a row we enjoyed temperatures that were warmer than normal! Temperatures last week averaged 58.4 degrees which was 3 degrees above normal. Growing degree units totaled 69 and that was twice our normal accumulation for this late in the season! We have now accumulated 2478.5 growing degree units since May 1. For the first time this season we are above normal but not by a lot. We are 1.5 growing degree units above normal.

In September we have received 142 growing degree units more than average. One farmer told me it was the million dollar heat wave. Remember in July or August when it is really dry, then we get a rain and farmers call it a million dollar rain? This was the million dollar heat wave. The corn that was planted by the middle of May is pretty well mature. However, the corn that was planted in June is about half milk line. That means it will likely not reach maturity, even without a killing frost. At this time of the season with the days getting so short and cool temperatures the corn plants just shut down.

The rainfall was also a major factor last week. Rainfall totaled 2.01 inches which was 1.18 inches above normal. That was another major trend this growing season, wetter than normal. This growing season the longest stretch without rain was seven days. It sure would be nice if we do not receive any more rain, or snow until Thanksgiving!


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