It was the second week in a row of temperatures well above normal. Just what farmers were hoping for! Yes, sometimes farmers can be happy with the weather! Many times we complain about the weather right? Temperatures averaged 68.4 degrees and that was 9.9 degrees above normal. Last week was more typical of the middle of August, not September! Growing degree units totaled 130 and that was 136 percent above normal. Since May 1 we have accumulated 2409.5 growing degree units and now we are just 1 percent below normal.

Rainfall last week was .86 inches which was .01 inches below normal. However this week there were thunderstorms and heavy rain in our area and more in the forecast this weekend. It sure would be nice if we could see many more warm sunny days. Beans that were planted by the middle of May only need a few more nice days and harvest could begin. Corn that was planted by the middle of May is mature or very close. But, the corn and beans that were planted in June need many more warm sunny days to reach maturity!


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