It was five weeks of cooler than normal temperatures and finally last week we saw much warmer than normal weather! Temperatures averaged 67.4 degrees and that was 5.8 degrees warmer than normal! Growing degree units totaled 122.5 which was 38 percent above normal. Since May 1 we have accumulated 2279.5 growing degree units. However one warm week does not compensate for many weeks of a growing season with cooler than normal weather. Growing degree units are still 5 percent below normal.

The growing season with above normal rainfall continued last week when 3.69 inches of rain fell. That was 2.85 inches more than normal. A 95 day corn hybrid that was planted in early May at the Southern Research and Outreach Center has reached maturity. The same 95 day hybrid planted the middle of May was close to maturing. A 100 day hybrid planted the middle of May was at half milk line. Looking at the forecast it sure looks like corn hybrids planted by the middle of May will reach maturity!

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