It was another cool week so the pattern continued when our corn and soybeans need temperatures a little above normal. The market does not seem to be concerned but farmers are increasingly anxious about this crop reaching maturity before the first killing frost. Temperatures last week averaged 63.3 degrees which was 4.8 degrees cooler than normal. Growing degree units totaled 97 and that was 27 percent below normal. Since May 1 we have accumulated 1966 growing degree units which w=is 5 percent below normal.

There was only one day with rain last week which was a little unusual given how wet it was earlier this season! Only .57 inches of rain fell and that was .45 inches below normal. I checked my 100 day corn hybrid that was planted by mid-May and it was beginning to dent. The corn that was planted in late May or early June has not even dented yet! The soybeans even planted in early June are in the beginning seed R 5 to full seed R 6.

It looks like we are going to need the whole month of September with warm temperatures to get the corn and soybeans to maturity. However, there is hope. A few year ago we were in the same situation where the crops were behind and we were sure there was no way they could reach maturity before the first frost. The entire month of September was warmer than normal with lots of sunshine. That year the corn and beans matured and everything turned out fine. So, lets hope for a repeat!

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