The short stretch of much warmer than normal temperatures ended quickly last week. The change came with severe thunderstorms and heavy rain. In addition some high winds in areas pushed some corn over or snapped it off. Blown over corn should straighten up but the broken stalks will not likely produce an ear. Temperatures last week averaged 71.1 degrees which was .9 degrees below normal. Growing degree units totaled 149 and that was 5 percent below normal. Sine May 1 we have accumulated 1323 growing degree units putting us 4 percent below normal.

Rainfall totaled 3.17 inches which was 2.19 inches above normal. The corn is tasseling and there is plenty of moisture that should get almost all the corn through this critical stage without moisture stress. Early planted beans have reached the R3 or pod setting stage. However, the rest of the beans are in the R2 or full flower stage. Soybean aphid populations are still very low but they can change quickly. Soybean fields need to be scouted at least one time a week. It sure would be nice to see an occasional rain and get daily highs in the mid to upper 90's to help the crops catch up to normal!

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