The warm weather we have been requesting arrived last week. Temperatures averaged 75.2 degrees which was 3.4 degrees above normal. Growing degree units came to 175 and that was 25 percent more than normal. Because of the warm weather corn added two leaves and grew 18 inches. Since May 1 we have accumulated 841.5 growing degree units. Last year at this time we had accumulated 1143.5 growing degree units. Yes, we are behind last year and need many more like last week especially for the late planted corn and soybeans.

Rainfall last week totaled 1.57 inches which was .51 inches above normal. Considering how much it has rained this year only .51 inches above normal did not seem like a lot. Soybeans are also behind normal but the early planted beans are beginning to flower. The general rule is we like to have all herbicides applied to soybeans by the 4th of July. It appears this year we will need about another week. Make sure you work with your agronomist and read and follow the herbicide labels. Many have restrictions on applying to flowering soybeans and have rotational restrictions for next years crop!

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