Finally after five weeks in a row of colder than normal weather we received the warmer weather we have been asking for! Temperatures last week averaged 67.6 degrees and that was 3.1 degrees above normal. Growing degree units totaled 123.5 which was 20 percent higher than normal. Since the beginning of the growing season on May 1 we have received 310 growing degree units. That puts us 23 percent below normal. So, it would be great if we can get a couple more weeks of temperatures a little above normal and will get growing degree units back to average.

The pattern of above normal rainfall continued last week but not by much. Rainfall last week totaled 1.06 inches but that was only .05 inches above normal. I think almost all farmers are glad May is behind us. Actually is was cooler and wetter that the Prevent Plant year of 2013! May 2019 was 5.1 degrees below normal. Rainfall was measured on 17 of 31 days in May and totaled 6.33 inches. That was 2.4 inches above normal. Not surprising with all the rain and cloudy days solar radiation was down 15 percent from normal.

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