It was another cool week as indicated in the Weekly Weather and Crop Update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca. Temperatures averaged 49.1 degrees which was 8.3 degrees below normal. Soil Temperatures at the 2 inch depth averaged 51.1 degrees which was 7.7 degrees below normal. Growing Degree Units for the week totaled 34.5 and that was 49 percent below normal. Since May 1 we have accumulated 72.5 Growing Degree Units. That is only 55 percent of normal.

Rainfall last week totaled 1.28 inches and it all came in one event. That did allow fields to dry out and planting to continue. Corn planted April 26 was about to emerge and seedlings appeared in good condition. I did notice a couple of early planted corn fields by my farm had emerged later on this week and they sure looked nice from the road.

There is some corn that still needs to be planted in southern Minnesota and a lot of soybeans. Hopefully the weather will cooperate soon. This has been another tough spring!


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