This afternoon the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca released the Weekly Weather and Crop Update. I had a pretty good idea what the data would show. two words (at least that I can print) describe the weather last week, cold and wet! Temperatures averaged 47 degrees which was five degrees below normal. Only two days did the temperature exceed 60 degrees. Soil temperatures at the 2-inch depth averaged 48 degrees and that was six degrees below normal.

Total rainfall last week was 1.22 inches and that was .37 inches more than normal. We saw measurable precipitation on six of seven days. Looking at the positive side we have not been getting heavy rains. You do not see water standing in the fields. With a couple warm, sunny and windy days we could likely be in the field! We like to see the soil temperature at least 50 degrees so the corn germinates. However, the soil temperature does not make any difference when the calander says May. When the soil is dry enough we will plant corn.


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