Looking at the data from the Southern research and Outreach Center at Waseca in the Weekly Weather and Crop Update we set another record last week. Sunday when we received the snow our high temperature for the day was 34 degrees. That was the coldest maximum temperature for that date. Temperatures for the week averaged 37.5 degrees which was 11.6 degrees colder than normal! While we do not like to see snow in October it is not unusual. On average it snows in October two years out of ten.

Even with the cold temperatures, rain, snow and cloudy skies for most of last week corn still dropped about 3 percent in moisture. Corn hybrids in the 95 to 105 relative maturity planted by mid-May was around 20 percent. Corn planted by late May with relative maturity of 105 needs many more warm sunny days to dry down as it was still about 30 percent. If temperatures are can be 11.6 degrees below normal, at some time temperatures could be 11.6 degrees above normal too right? Lets hope it is sooner rather than later!

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