The weather last week was perfect. warm, sunny and dry. That was really appreciated after the heavy rains of the previous week. Temperatures at the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca averaged 62.8 degrees which was 1.3 degrees below normal. No rain fell so precipitation was .87 inches below normal. Growing degree units totaled 91 and that was 16 percent below normal. Our grand total growing degree units for the year, 2526.5. That is 9 percent above normal for this time of year and 2 percent above the normal for an entire growing season.

The warm, dry and sunny days last week really moved the corn along toward maturity. In fact a 95 day hybrid at the Center planted April 30th was not only at black layer but down to 24 percent moisture! The same hybrid planted May 15th was at black layer and 30 percent moisture. It sure would be nice if these warm and sunny days with light winds continue for a while longer. With low corn prices it would be nice to harvest dry corn that needs very little artificial drying. That would mean buying a lot less propane!

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