The Weekly Weather and Crop Update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca for the week of August 9th through August 15th showed a warm and dry week. Temperatures averaged 73.4 degrees and that was 2.9 degrees above normal. Rainfall totaled only .04 inches which was 1.06 inches less than normal. Growing degree units totaled 162.5 which was 19 percent above normal. Since May 1 we have accumulated 2039 growing degree units and that is 12 percent more than normal.

One unusual weather event last week was the range of the daily highs. During the week there is normally a range of 10 to 15 degrees. Last week all the daily high temperatures were within a range of 4 degrees. Aphid populations are still reaching treatment thresholds in many fields. However, Bruce Potter reported that in southwestern Minnesota many aphids were being killed by a fungus  which is a natural predator of soybean aphids. Soybean fields, especially later planted fields will need to scouted for another week or two.