It was a rather cool week as we finished off the month of July. The weather data at the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca showed an average temperature last week of 65.5 degrees, six degrees below normal. The week was much dryer than normal too with only .07 inches of rain. That was .92 inches below normal. Growing degree units were 27 percent below normal at 108.5. Since May 1 we have accumulated 1742.5 growing degree units.

For the month of July temperatures averaged 71.1 degrees just .9 degrees above normal. Rainfall totaled 4.38 inches which was .04 inches below normal. Rainfall was fairly evenly distributed with the heaviest rain in one event at only two inches. July brought only two days with temperatures above 90 degrees. Relative humidity was higher than normal and solar radiation slightly below normal.

Corn development id in the R3 or milk stage and soybeans R4 or full pod stage. The oat yields were quite variable and the wheat yields quite disappointing. That should not come as a surprise because the temperatures have been above normal and oats and wheat are cool season cereal grains.

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