It was the second week in a row that rain was the major factor in the Weekly Weather and Crop Update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca. They have been fortunate in the Waseca area that the really heavy rains missed them. Rain was measured five days last week. Rainfall totaled 1.12.inches which was right at average. Temperatures averaged 68.2 degrees and that was 2.6 degrees cooler than normal.

Growing degree units last week totaled 127.5, which was 11 percent below normal. Our grand total since May 1 is 997.5 growing degree units. Remember, if your corn was planted after May 1 you did not get to take advantage of all of those growing degree units. Where the land was not flooded the corn and beans are really growing quickly. However, the weeds in bean fields are really growing fast too. Hopefully the rain they are talking about Saturday evening will not hit us. Many farmers need a few more days of sunshine to get all the post emergence herbicides on the beans.

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