Rain was the major theme looking at the Weekly Weather and Crop Update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca. Rain was measured in 5 of the last 7 days. Rainfall totaled 2.33 inches, 1.21 inches above normal. It was a warm week too with the average temperature at 73.8 degrees, that was 4.6 degrees above normal. Growing degree units totaled 158.5 which was 22 percent higher than normal. The grant total since May 1 is 870 growing degree units. We normally reach that level about July 1 so we are well ahead of normal.

With the warm weather it is not surprising that corn grew 10 inches last week. The early planted corn is 42 inches tall and in the V10 stage. The early planted beans are flowering but the beans planted later in May are not but will soon begin to flower too. Some areas in southern and southeastern Minnesota have received much more rain than in the Waseca area. A week or 10 days of warm sunshine sure would be nice!