Looking at the Weekly Weather and Crop Update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca it was a warm and wet week. Temperatures averaged .9 degrees above normal at 68 degrees. Rainfall totaled 2.12 inches and that was 1.03 inches higher than normal. However, the rainfall pattern across southern Minnesota has been quite variable. Some areas received 5 to 6 inches last week! Growing degree units totaled 119 which was 6 percent above normal. Since May 1 we have received 711.5 growing degree units.

The early planted corn is in the V8 to V9 stage and is 32 inches tall. Soybeans are in the V2 to V4 stage and will begin flowering very soon. That means post-emergence herbicides need to be applied soon. With the weather not really cooperating there is a lot of pressure to get herbicide applications applied in the next week. Not only because they need to be on before beans begin flowering but also because the cut-off date for applying dicamba is June 20.

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