There were a couple cool days last week but it was still a great week for crop development according to the Weekly Weather and Crop Update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca. The temperature averaged 69.8 degrees and that was 4.9 degrees above normal. Rainfall totaled .53 inches which was .49 inches below normal. Growing degree units totaled 33 percent more than normal at 136.5 for the week. Since May 1 we have received 585.5 growing degree units. That is 39 percent more than normal.

The early planted corn is 22 inches tall and in the V6 stage meaning 6 leaf collars are showing. Even the corn planted around May 25 has almost caught up to normal because of the warm weather. We endured 6 months in a row of below normal temperatures. It sure was nice to see the May average temperature 6.5 degrees above normal at 65.2 degrees. Planting is pretty well done and now farmers need to get the weeds under control!


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