It was not until late this week that I had a chance to read the Weekly Weather and Crop Update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca. It was quite cool the final day of Farmfest but earlier in the week it was warm and humid, which is good for corn and beans. Last week temperatures averaged 73.1 degrees, or 1.8 degrees above normal. Rainfall totaled .39 inches .61 inches below normal.

Growing Degree Units totaled 159.5 and that was 8 percent above normal. Our grand total since the first of May is at 1650.5 and that is 5 percent above normal. This weekend has been cool and that is the forecast into next week so it is nice that Growing Degree Units are a little ahead of normal.

Looking at the monthly totals for July it was a good month for corn and soybean development. July temperatures were at 73.6 which was 1.6 degrees above normal. Rainfall totaled 6.56 inches and that was 2.14 inches above normal. August it typically a dry month so it is reassuring that most soils are at maximum water holding capacity to carry the crop if it does turn dry!

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