A man from Ohio named Doug Carr was on the hunt for a specific 1968 Ford Torino. But why? It actually used to belong to his grandpa, Thomas Carr. Doug told the Star Tribune that is "'was a great source of pride for [Thomas].'" Thomas sold his Torino just before he died of cancer in 2006.

Thomas was a bus driver in Pittsburgh. He retired in California and that's when he bought the Torino. He took great care of the car!

Doug really wanted to find his grandpa's long lost car because he had such great memories with it and his grandpa was a big influence on his life. Doug knew that his grandpa had sold his car to someone in Minnesota but that was about it.

Doug started his hunt online and found nothing. His father-in-law then suggested posting want ads in local newspapers. He published many want ads and found nothing. He then started to post ads "in smaller newspapers in outstate Minnesota." That's when he found the car!

Thomas' 1968 Ford Torino had been sold to a Milaca man named Lynn Klinghagen. Lynn had gone all the way to California to purchase this car because a Torino was the first car he got after getting out of the Army in 1979. He also was driving his Torino when he met his wife of 37 years. Doug told the Star Tribune that Lynn had taken great care of the car over the years.

Doug ended up flying to Minnesota, him and Lynn took a look at the car, drove it around, and Lynn actually agreed to sell the Torino to Doug.



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