This is clue #1 in the KDHL Medallion Hunt for 2019.  You are searching for a Chappuis Jewelers handcrafted Silver Medallion.  This will be the last medallion with the old KDHL arched 920 logo so it will be more valuable in theory anyway.

#1: It just wouldn't be Heritage Days without the KDHL Medallion Hunt
During our hometown celebration where Faribault is out front

The handcrafted Chappuis Jewelers Silver Medallion is itself a great prize
Brush up on your Faribault history and you'll find where it lies

Remember the medallion must be in the City of Faribault, on public property.  You must be wearing a Faribault Heritage Days button when you bring the medallion to KDHL after locating it in order to win the prize package worth approximately $500.  If you are not wearing a button you receive $25.



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