Public USB charging ports are some of the best things ever. It's especially helpful at the airport. But it turns out that through these public USB charging ports your mobile data could be stolen.

Trojan Horse Security Chief Information Officer, Alexander Jones, spoke with KARE 11 about the situation. Apparently, it's called "Juice Jacking." That's when "a hacker installs spyware on a free public charging terminal and then someone plugs their phone into the station, their data is downloaded, malware is uploaded…or both."

Thankfully there ways to prevent this from happening. First, don't use public USB charging ports! Bring your charger so you can plug your phone into an outlet to charge. Another option if you will be using the public USB charging port is to turn your phone off before plugging it in. KARE 11 does mention that this option isn't "100% fail-safe."


Source: KARE 11


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