Everyone that lives in Minnesota knows we have two seasons - Winter and Construction.  Well, we are all in on construction season right now and orange is everywhere on our roads.

Right now, it is pretty tough for me to get to work and it takes me about 20 minutes longer than normal due to a project going on by my house.  I wait though, put my car in park, and know that at some point I will get to drive again on the now one-lane road while the construction crew is right next to me in the other lane with their huge equipment.  Sometimes, the crew is very close to my car and it has given me a glimpse of how dangerous their job is while making our roads better.

MnDOT shared a video recently that shows another view of how close cars get to the construction crews working on the roads.  It is 360, meaning, you can move it around and view it from a lot of different angles.  Every viewpoint I saw from my computer screen, well, I wanted to put a lot bigger buffer between those working on the roads and the vehicles.  Way too close for my comfort!

Go ahead and watch how close the cars are to the crew and let me know what you think.

As we are driving on the roads during this second season in Minnesota, let's keep everyone safe and remember to move over!

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