The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota sees many turtles this time of year, mainly because they've been hit by cars. Unfortunately, this year they've seen a record number of turtles that they've treated for broken shells. Most of the incidences are because they were hit by a car.

This year, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has treated more than 70 turtles. Medical Director Renee Schott told WCCO that “'when they brake their shell, it’s like you having an open fracture. It’s very serious, very painful. These guys are all on pain meds, they are all on antibiotics.'"

This time of year is when female turtles are looking to lay their eggs. Renee says that “'the problem is, they are moving lakes, swamps, and we’ve put roads in between their path. Turtles are hard-wired to lay eggs where they were born.'”

So what do you do if you hit a turtle or if you see one that's injured? The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has some tip HERE for how to handle the situation.


Source: WCCO


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