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For the first time in almost a decade, McDonald's will be adding new pastry items to their breakfast menu. And best of all, they'll be available all day! The new items are a cinnamon roll, blueberry muffin, and apple fritter. They will be available at participating restaurants starting October 28th.

McDonald's decided to add these items after many of their competitors started taking profits away from them because they have now added a breakfast menu. Wendy's and Taco Bell are the two named by CNN as being major competitors who have had huge success with their added breakfast menus.

In my opinion, I think another thing that has hurt McDonald's was their decision to get rid of all-day breakfast. CNN spoke with McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski who said they got rid of all-day breakfast to "'help restaurants' maintain costs'" because of COVID-19.

I get the need to save money where you can but I think that they should have kept the all-day breakfast (again this is my opinion). I think that the all-day breakfast was so popular that they would have done just fine keeping it around. Then again, I know nothing about the costs to make all-day breakfast so I could be wrong, maybe it was a major cost savings for them!

CNN says that there was no word on if or when all-day breakfast will make its return but the three new, delicious-sounding, breakfast items will be served all day!

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