On Monday, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown postponed their Homecoming activities over "a positive COVID-19 case within the student body." In addition to the postponement of homecoming activities this week, all "varsity football activities (practices and games) have been suspended until Monday, October 19." This results in the Buccaneers only playing 4 games beginning on October 23rd against St. Clair. 

Waterville-Elysian-Morristown's school website published the announcement on Monday. So far no announcement has been made as to when Homecoming week activities will be made up.

The 2020-2021 Homecoming candidates are:

Lindsay Condon, Kylie Pittmann, Ellie Ready, Allison Rients, and Autumn Taylor.

Griffin Atherton, Ethan Bartelt, Levi Bowman, Darek Hermel, and Corey McKenna.

The Buccaneers are currently in a hybrid learning model for high school students, with students whose last names begin with A-L attend in-person class on Mondays and Thursdays and distance learn Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Students whose last names begin M-Z are in class Tuesdays and Fridays and distance learn Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

According to the Star Tribune, there are 8 football games that have been canceled due to COVID-19 including the Kasson Mantorville football game against Mankato East. The schools that have canceled games are:

Waterville-Elysian-Morristown, Brainerd, Kasson-Mantorville, St. Agnes, Osakis, Montevideo, Fairmont, and LaPorte,

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