It never feels good to see a letter from the IRS in your mailbox. But if you got one and have been afraid to open it, do it right away because it could be some good news if you haven't received your $1200 stimulus check yet.

Economic Stimulus Package Tax Rebate Checks Printed
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Over 100,000 Minnesotans have not claimed their stimulus check yet. That's just in Minnesota. Nationwide the number of people that haven't claimed their check yet is nearly 9 million.

Recently, the IRS sent out letters to those that did not file income tax returns for 2018 or 2019, in an effort to get these people to get registered for an Economic Impact Payment online before the cutoff November 21st. This date has been extended from October 15th.

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According to Sarah Bronson of the Minnesota Dept of Revenue, most of the people that did not file taxes for 2018 and or 2019 did not file because they earned too little money those years.

Bronson speculates that most of these people made less than $12,000 individually yearly or $24,000 jointly. She says these are the people that need the stimulus money the most.

“That's why we wanted to get the message out that there are Minnesotans out there who are eligible for these payments,” Bronson says.

If you did not receive the stimulus check you are probably eligible if you

  • are a US citizen or resident alien
  • Have a work eligible Social Security # and can't be claimed on someone else's federal tax return

Check your mail. It could be some good news.

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