Kenyon City Administrator Mark Vahlsing told those gathered for groundbreaking of the new Kenyon Business Park it was a long anticipated event. The 31 acres was purchased in 2016.

Mayor Doug Henke opened the event, "It's taken at least four years to get it this far and now we're having a groundbreaking ceremony and hoping it'll go forward more quickly than it has the last four years."

Vahlsing added, "The city began this process probably the second day I was here which was in the middle of January 2013.  That's when I started the whole direction of looking for more commercial space.  More lots.  A business park or industrial park.  Whatever you want to call it.  The city has been looking at this probably going back 15 years.  There's been different proposals and locations and things but we found a very difficult time trying to find land and things around the periphery of the city."

The Kenyon City Administrator said, " Some of you who were involved with the EDA (Economic Development Authority) and some of you I know came on later, but it was a real challenge trying to find a site to add more lots for business development, light industrial.  So this site, actually I have to give a big thank you to former Mayor Mike Engel.  This was found by him and he was instrumental in contacting the property owners and getting this to the point of the city actually making an offer on the land."

"We have to give a lot of credit to him for finding this area.  This area worked out well as far as the acquisition price.  The city also received about a $900,000 dollar grant from the (Minnesota) Department of Employment and Economic Development through the VDPI program."

Vahlsing thanked others involved including the construction firm of Bolton-Menk.  A representative of the company said they will be done with the site by next July.  Included is a new 750 foot street named Engel Drive in honor of the late Mayor of Kenyon who passed away July 4, 2019.

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