Faribault Police Chief John Sherwin told KDHL today he is very proud of the restraint shown by his officers during a stand-off situation in the 400 Block of Central Avenue overnight.

The initial call came in shortly after 10:30 p.m. Wednesday of a male suspect pointing a firearm at another man.

I spoke with Chief Sherwin to get more specific information.  That conversation is included below.

The man arrested was identified as Juan Jose Zamarippa Almeda, 39, known to officers from past encounters.

Juan Jose Zamarippa Almeda. Photo from Rice County Jail Roster
Juan Jose Zamarippa Almeda. Photo from Rice County Jail Roster

The News Release concerning the incident states, "A man and his adult son reported to officers they were confronted while walking in the 400 block of Central Avenue by a Hispanic man yelling and swearing at them.  They were unable to completely understand what the suspect was saying."

"The suspect pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the pair while continuing to yell.  He then went into an apartment.  Rice County Deputies also responded to assist officers."

Upon arrival, "Officers could hear the suspect continuing to yell in English and Spanish, and recognized the man was Juan Almeda.  Officers attempted to speak with Zamarippa Almeda, who appeared at the apartment entrance holding a baseball bat and continuing to curse.  He then retreated into the apartment.  Officers continued to attempt to de-escalate Zamarripa Almeda."

"Two negotiators arrived and attempted to speak with Zamarripa Almeda.  Officers heard him yell to, "Shoot me" followed by a window breaking.  Zamarippa Almeda appeared in the window and pointed a handgun at officers, who retreated behind cover."

"Additional officers from South Metro Swat were requested and arrived.  After continued failed attempts to communicate, a search warrant was obtained.  SWAT officers deployed pepperball munitions into the apartment."

"Zamarripa Almeda exited the apartment and dropped his handgun, but refused to comply with officers, continuing to yell for officers to shoot him.  He, "walked towards his handgun and SWAT officers shot him with less-lethal munitions.  He was taken into custody at 4:04 a.m., medically checked at Allina Health Faribault Medical Center and booked into the Rice County Jail and is awaiting charges."

Chief Sherwin commented, "I am extremely proud of how offiers responded while facing imminent danger.  The restraint displayed by officers and repeated attempts to de-escalate an armed and agitated individual are reflective of their sound tactics and training.  I am also very appreciative of the assistance from our partner agencies and quick response from South Metro SWAT to bring this incident to a safe conclusion."

Arraignment could occur Friday.

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