Andy Bohlen, Faribault Chief of Police and Darla Kosanda of C&S Vending in Faribault gave details today on AM Minnesota about a community fundraiser for the Police Department.

Kosanda explained C&S owner Scott Amundson wanted to have an event to show appreciation for local law enforcement after all the civil unrest displayed last summer.

An event could not be held due to the pandemic.

The fundraiser begins 7:00 p.m. at the Paradise Center for the Arts in downtown Faribault.

Chief Bohlen will have a presentation to begin the event.  He says the department has put together about a 200 slide presention highlighting some of the things the department has been involved with over the years.

A young lady who donated books about heroes to all the officers in the department will also be reading a letter she wrote to each officer expressing her gratitude for keeping families safe in Faribault.

Following the presentation the local music group Street Talk will perform and people can dance to their tunes primarily classic rock from the 1980's.

Kosanda hopes the fundraiser is a sellout.  Approximately 300 seats are available.

Tickets are available on the Paradise website  for $20.00 each and will be available at the door if there are any left.

Kosanda says people not interested in attending can still make a donation in support of the Police Department.

Bohlen says he has been humble and proud to serve Faribault during what has been a difficult time to be in law enforcement.  "The community support has been tremendous."

One hundred percent of the proceeds raised will be give to the Faribault Police Department for safety equipment and a fund for officers to use for mental health concerns.

You can listen to a podcast of the show below.

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