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Jesse Thomas, Rice County Sheriff, yesterday awarded two young men with lifeguard and CPR training a Citizen's Life Saving Award for their actions to help save the life of a Northfield man.

In early October, Neil Lutsky, a professor at Carleton College and avid bicycle rider was riding with a group of people including Luke Sargent, a senior at St. Olaf College when south of Dundas he suddenly fell to the ground. stopped breathing and began turning blue.

Hunter Conrad, senior at Bethlehem Academy, was looking for potential hunting sites when he came upon the incident and stopped to offer assistance.

Conrad and Sargent began doing CPR on the unconscious Lutsky.

Sargent is from South Carolina and is studying music and trumpet performance at St. Olaf.

In a News Release Thomas is quoted, "During that October day, Luke and Hunter both stepped up and used their lifeguarding skills and started CPR on Neil.  They continued until medical personnel and deputies arrived.  This gave Neil the chance to get into the hands of medical professionals."

Medics at the scene are crediting the two young men for saving Lutsky's life, keeping him going until advanced medical resources arrived to fly him to a metro hospital where he received more professional care.

Brian Edwards, Northfield Hospital EMS Chief underscored the importance of Conrad and Sargent's quick actions, noting early intervention in cases like Lutsky's is critical.

"The difference was made even before we got there.  Kudos to thesew young men."

Lutsky says he was literally brought back to life by Conrad and Sargent and commented.

"Being willing to stop and put your training into action with little sign it was doing've really touched many lives and my life in a way that's difficult to fathom.  In my eyes you're heroes.  You really are."

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