Due to the deluge of precipitation seen in Rice County over the weekend Rice County Sheriff Jesse Thomas has imposed no wake restrictions on 12 Rice County lakes.

The signs posted at lake accesses say "on all Rice County lakes," but in a Facebook post from the Sheriff's Office they say, "No wake restrictions are in force on 12 Rice County lakes (Cannon, Circle, Cedar, Cody/Phelps, French, Fox, Hunt, Mazaska, Roberds, Sakatah, Shields, Union) until further notice."

The post goes on to state, "The restrictions help minimize the likelihood of erosion on lake shores and nearby roads, and allow those with boat lifts to adjust their lifts as several boats have already come off their lifts."

The Rice County Sheriff's Office says they will continue to monitor the situation and "appreciate everyone's cooperation."

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR) there are 27 lakes in Rice County.

The MN DNR website states, "under Minnesota law, the damage your wake causes is treated the same as damage caused by an actual collision. Personal watercraft must stay at least 150 feet from shore.  There is no required distance for boats, but by staying at least 200 feet from shore or other structures boaters can reduce the likelihood their wakes will cause damage."

"Boats that create an artificial wake may require more distance to lower the impact."

Some other safety tips are included on the MN DNR website.

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