Jesse Thomas, Rice County Sheriff, has imposed no wake restrictions on 11 Rice County lakes.

Thomas says water levels are high due to all the recent precipitation and that's why the no wake restrictions are back in place.

Lakes included are:

  • Cannon
  • Cedar
  • Circle
  • Cody/Phelps
  • French
  • Fox
  • Mazaska
  • Roberds
  • Sakatah
  • Shields
  • Union

Thomas emphasizes the restrictions help minimize the likelihood of erosion on lake shores and nearby roads. and allow those with boat lifts to adjust their lifts.

He says several boats have come off their lifts.

The Rice County Sheriff concludes in his News Release that his office, "will continue to monitor the situation and appreciates everyone's cooperation."

Did you know Mazaska name in Sioux language means silver?

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