Jesse Thomas, Rice County Sheriff went before the Board of Commissioners today requesting approval of an amended agreement for law enforcement services for the City of Morristown,

Thomas pointed out the Morristown City Attorney wanted to change some language which was fine with him.

The five year agreement says Morristown will pay Rice County for policing services in the following amounts.

  • 2023  $197,973.92
  • 2024  $203,913.44
  • 2025  $210,030.53
  • 2026  $216,331.45
  • 2027  $222,821.39

Fines will be split with 2/3 going to Morristown, 1/3 to Rice County. Felony drug fines are split per state statute.

The increase in the contract each year includes a 3 percent cost of living adjustment.

Commissioners heard a report from Facilities Director Matthew Verdick concerning some proposal requests for the Public Safety Center being constructed on the north side of Faribault.

Verdick explained the most recent proposal request added $5,910 to the project.

Commissioner Steve Underdahl said there is a combination of adjustments to the project.

Verdick also went over the Phase One remodeling of the Finance Department in the Government Services Building in Faribault.

Commissioner Jim Purfeerst expressed his concern.

Commissioner Gerry Hoisington agreed.

Commissioner Jeff Docken reminded his colleagues there needs to be changes in the Elections area.

Commissioner Galen Malecha stated the county is growing.

Verdick told Commissioners the low bid on Phase One of the Finance Department remodeling was provided by Met-Con Construction of Faribault in the amount of $24,000.

Despite the concerns voiced by Commissioners they unanimously approved accepting the bid and moving forward with the project.

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