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Mn. College Top 10
Our friends at Wallethub have been busy again and they have put out a study of the top 10 colleges and universities in the state.
Waterways In Danger?
Are you concerned with our enviroment? Would you like to get involved but don't really know where to start?
The Cannon River Watershed Partnership would like to invite you to attend several local events concerning our waterways. DOWNSTREAM, an Environmental Film Series, is coming to Northfield o…
Look Back: 1st Carleton Pres.
Sue Garwood with the Rice County Historical Society tells the story of how James Woodward Strong became the first president of Carleton College in Northfield.
New episodes featuring Rice and Steele county history are posted to the KDHL YouTube channel and kdhlradio...
Grad sues Carleton college
A Carleton graduate has filed a lawsuit against the college regarding two rape cases, one when she was a freshman in 2011 and another when she was a senior in 2015.
According to the Star Tribune, the suit filed in federal court in Minneapolis accuses the college of mishandling the two cases...
Carleton Women's basketball
After I broadcasted the Hamline 19-7 win over Carleton in football on Power 96 Saturday at Laird Stadium in Northfield, I ate supper in town and then went over to watch the Carleton Knights women's basketball team season opener at West Gym.
During our Carleton Coaches Show Saturday, Knights head…
Knox Prairie Fire Burn Carleton
The Carleton Knights appeared to have the game in hand. Junior quarterback Zach Creighton of Lakeville, Minn., scored with 4:39 to go in the game to give Carleton a 20-10 lead. They would lose however, 23-20.
Knox had a nice kickoff return to start the next drive at their 41-yard line, and they cover…