Humor is a great way of getting through some tough times. While we are staying at home another 3+ weeks I decided for those who don't live here we should give them some insight as to how you know you are in quarantine in Minnesota.

1. Meat raffles are held via Zoom rather than in a bar

2. The take-out lines for the Lenten Fish Fry wrap around the block multiple times

3. Your new workout regime is curling cases of Busch Light (I'm looking at you Wells)

4. Bingo is now played on Facebook Live using phrases instead of numbers (H/T Geneva Bar)

5. Your homemade facemask has 'ope written on it as a way to be polite

6. You are spending time re-watching the Minnesota Vikings 1998, 2009, and 2017 seasons only to have your heart broken every time.

7. You drive around town looking for a birthday parade to honk in

8. You reference social distancing length in terms of fish. I.E. "Ya gotta stay 2 muskies away Lena"

What other signs are there that you are in quarantine in Minnesota? Send them my way!

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