There have to be a TON of hidden spots, getaways and way-cool off-the-beaten-path places in Minnesota. Which is why I don't buy the results of this national survey about 'hidden gems' in each state.

The report I refer to was compiled by the good folks at Reader's Digest. (Which I used to faithfully page through every month when we would go to my grandma and grandpa's house back in the day...)

Anyway, they put together a list of cool things to check out in each state. In their description, they mention waterfalls, natural springs, museums and parks. So, seeing as Minnesota has many of those types of things, I was curious what their survey said our 'hidden gem' was.

But I'm not buying the results. Because Minnesota's Hidden Gem is... the Lake Harriet Elf House in Minneapolis? That's right, it's not the Split Rock Lighthouse, any of the waterfalls at Jay Cooke State Park (or any of Minnesota's incredible parks, for that matter), or even the Plummer Building here in Rochester.

Nope. The Lake Harriet Elf House in Minneapolis is what they're going with. If you don't know what it is, it's basically a tree with a small door (where a big knot is) where the homeowners have added a cute little door. " Both big and little kids are charmed by this elf home, mainly because the elf answers messages from the kids of Minneapolis," the site says.

Okay, that's cute and all, but is that REALLY the coolest 'hidden gem' in the entire state? I'm thinking if you packed the kids in the car to headed up the Minneapolis to check this out, you'd walk away more than a little disappointed, am I right?!?

For me, Minnesota's best 'hidden gem' is probably one of the cool new craft breweries that have opened across our state. (Of course, that's the probably the Wisconsinite in me talking.)

What's your vote for Minnesota's 'hidden gem'?

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