The hands-free bill becomes law starting August 1st. Of course, we need to be informed about what we can and can't do under this law in Minnesota, but officials also need to be prepared!

Bring Me the News reports that at a press conference in June, Mike Hanson, director for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety, said that education of officials will increase starting mid-July. “'We don’t want anybody to be surprised. We want everybody to be informed so you can make good, safe driving decisions."

This hands-free law means we aren't allowed to hold our phones at all, even while talking on the phone. KSTP reports that's why the Hopkins Police Department is giving away hands-free cell phone clips.

Are you ready for the hands-free law to take effect in a little over two weeks? I just bought a hands-free clip for my phone and I'm a little mad I didn't do it sooner, it's super convenient!


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