If you're feeling tired this summer, you're not alone. Unfortunately, the best season also makes us super tired! It's called "summer fatigue."

KARE 11 spoke with a doctor in the ER at Hennepin Healthcare, Andie Rowland-Fisher, who said that during the summer "'your heart rate increases, your blood vessels dilate and this consumes more energy.'" So in other words, the hotter it is the more our body works to cool us down.

Bad news for us in Minnesota, if it's pretty humid we use more energy then too. And then on top of that, since the weather is finally nice we spend more time outside, the sun is up longer so we stay up later. All of this contributes to our summer fatigue.

But there's a way to combat summer fatigue! A temporary fix is something you probably already do, grab some coffee! The caffeine will help you out for a little bit.

But Andie says that the better long term fix is drinking more water. She told KARE 11 that “'when you’re dehydrated it actually causes your temperature to rise higher and it makes you feel even more tired.'”


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