Last Tuesday Tara Langevin who is on the Rice County Fair Board was on AM Minnesota. Tara brought along a new Rice County Fair commemorative mug. It is a green insulated mug that will keep your coffee hot or your drinks cold. It also has the new Rice County Fair logo on it with the theme "where the city meets the farm."

Give the forecast the mugs will come in handy for cold drinks this week at the Rice County Fair. The highs are supposed to be in the mid to upper 80's with higher humidity. The average high is 83 degrees so upper 80's is not unusual. By the way you can get your Rice County Fair commemorative mug this week at the Rice County Fair for just $20.

Our KDHL deck will be in the same place this year next to the Exhibit Building and right across the street from the Cardinal Café. Plus, we will have a tent over the deck to provide shade. So, while you are at the Rice County Fair stop by and relax for a while in the shade!


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